Sterling Summer School 2019

We were very excited to run our own Summer School this year in addition to having the privilege of hosting Donna Gabriel’s DGC Summer School, in its 29th year!

Exercise Physiologist and long time Calisthenics participant and Coach, Stephanie Kums, ran classes with help from our own Level 1 Coaches. The classes focused on improving flexibility and strength and moving towards gaining technically correct walkovers and the building the skills required to achieve these, and other more advanced gymnastics manoeuvres. As expected, the coaches and students in attendance witnessed many break throughs and had lots of fun over the two sessions!

The DGC Summer School, with its Ballet/Drama, Calisthenics and Gymnastics components provided the girls with an opportunity to develop their technique, learn new skills, unleash their inner performer – and have a lot of fun!

Seeing the success of our students who have participated in these events, we are even more eager to begin 2019 with a bang!