About Sterling

Management Structure

Naturally, a College is not based on the coaches alone, and there is a team of committed people who will make your child’s experience at Sterling as enjoyable as possible.

A group of talented individuals who all contribute to the smooth running of the College, including Costume Co-ordinators, Section Managers, Fund Raisers, and many more, share the same vision as Principal Coach Ginny, to promote the sport of calisthenics.

Sterling is an incorporated body and the constitutional management positions are:

  • President: Kate P
  • Principal Coach: Ginny G
  • Secretary: Elke L
  • Treasurer: Kristy W
  • Wardrobe Director: TBA

Each age group has a Section Manger to assist with any queries, distribute information, and help the coaches to keep our students and parents working happily together. The Section Managers are there to make your experience at Sterling an enjoyable one. All Section Managers for 2018 have been announced in the “classes” page.

Thank you to all of these wonderful people who have taken on very important roles within the college! Your support and your enthusiasm is appreciated.

Sterling Studio

We are leading the way in specialised calisthenic training facilities. We have our own purpose-built studio with theatre curtains and wings, stage lighting and a professional sound system.