Costumes are organised through the Club for participants on a hire basis. All costuming is managed by our talented and hardworking Costume Manager, Rosemary. Each age group has a Section Manager who will also be co-ordinating the costumes for her section. To ensure that costumes are completed on time and with a minimum of last minute rushes, we will be having regular sewing bees for each section during class times.

Sewing at Sterling is not compulsory, and costumes are reused as much as possible. However, some costumes may require alterations or additions such as sequinning that we would encourage all parents to attempt – plenty of guidance is available!

Through the use of a “roster system” we enable and encourage all parents to participate in some way to the production of the costumes for our performers.  If you are not a sewer, there are many other ways that you can contribute (cutting out, wiring headgear, etc)

All costumes remain the property of Sterling Calisthenics Inc and will be collected at the completion of the end of year concert.