Our Coaches

White Tinies / Silver Tinies / Sub-Juniors / Juniors
Ginny G

“Calisthenics – the game of life.…” Ginny truly believes that everything that she values in life has been positively influenced by her lifelong love affair with this sport. For this reason she is very, very excited to be coaching our cute White Tinies, Co-Coaching our Silver Tinies, Coaching our SubJuniors and Coaching our Juniors in 2019.

Ginny celebrated 40 years as a calisthenics performer in 2016. Ginny has a healthy respect for looking after your body and enjoys teaching our students how to safely twist themselves in knots as well as the basics for the beginners! Her 30+ years of coaching have lead her on a journey of discovery to develop the potential in every student that comes through her class.
From the self-discipline required to improve flexibility, strength and performance, to the social skills needed to negotiate throughout their whole lives, Ginny continues to cherish the opportunity to positively influence these up and coming members of our society.

Silver Tinies & Assistant Coach Sub-Juniors
Yvette A

Yvette started Calisthenics at the age of 4 and has performed every year since. With a passion of Calisthenics and being inspired by our coaches she decided that she wanted to assist and develop the younger pupils within the club. In 2015 and 2016 Yvette completed Cert II in Dance to grow her apparatus of dance technique and to one day teach a solo of Contemporary/lyrical style.

After assisting Sub Juniors and Juniors over the past 6 years she decided to complete the level 1 coaches course. In 2018 she was given the opportunity to coach our Competition Tinies as her first role as a Head Coach. In 2019 she is competing in the Seniors team as well as Co-Coaching the Tinies and Assistant to the Sub Juniors. Yvette is so excited to start 2019 and see what the year will bring to her learning and experience in choreographing.

Red Tinies
Nicole S

Nicole has been involved in and passionate about calisthenics for over 30 years, performing for almost all of those years and says the sport is truly a part of her. She feels fortunate for having the opportunity to experience various divisions of the sport, including performing at championship level.
Nicole’s coaching career started 10 years ago and has included assisting with Sub-Juniors and Seniors, a Recreational Coach for Tinies, 3 years as a Cali kids coach in schools as well as being involved in the Active After Schools programs.

2019 will be Nicole’s 8th year of coaching the beautiful Tinies and she is looking forward to continue growing her skills and expanding her experience. Nicole would love to see you at the Red Tinies classes!

Assistant Coach Juniors
Mackenzie M

Mackenzie has been involved in Calisthenics for 16 years and in that time she has competed in divisions ranging from division 3 to championship. Mackenzie has also competed in State Team 3 times and was selected to perform her graceful solo at nationals in 2012 and 2015! She have been doing solos for 8 years and has been fairly successful over the years, including winning the CVI State Championships in 2012. Mackenzie, has also been a part of the CVI State Championships winning team in 2011 and 2015! She has such a great passion for calisthenics and hope’s to pass that down to every girl she teach!

After assisting in the Sub-Juniors and Juniors section for the last 5 years, Mackenzie completed her level 1 accreditation and became the Head Coach of the Tinies section at Emmanuel in 2018. Mackenzie is super excited to be a part of the Sterling coaching team, and to work with the very talented juniors section in 2019! She look forward to what the coming year holds!!

Inters Head Coach
Angela B

Ange has absolutely loved performing Calisthenics for the last 25 years and has been delighted to pass her love of this great sport onto her pupils for the last 20 years. She has performed in and choreographed a number of musicals with local and interstate theater groups and has a Bachelor of Contemporary Arts majoring in Contemporary Dance and Photography. She has coached and competed at local, state and national levels for team work, solos and duos and has loved every minute of it!

Ange loves helping her students strive to reach their potential and feels there is nothing more rewarding then watching them develop and then accomplish new skills and tricks. Ange B is super thrilled to be coaching the stunning Intermediates again in 2019 and looks forward to the challenges.

Inters Assistant Coach & Recreational Masters Head Coach
Shannon W

Shannons Calisthenics journey started at the age of 3 following in her Mother and Grandmothers footsteps. She began her time at Noble Park Calisthenics Club then moved to Sterling. Shannons coaching journey started when she was 14, becoming a class helper for Tinies then moving onto Sub-Juniors which also began her journey as a Cadet Assistant. Moving into the Inters section sparked Shannons love for coaching and pushed her to persue her Level 1 Accredidation.

Shannon is now competing as a Senior and has been give the privilege of assisting our beautiful Inters and coach our newly founded Recreational Masters Section. Shannon is so excited for the 2019 Calisthenics Season and all it has to offer.

Seniors Head Coach
Kate P

Kate has been involved in Calisthenics for the past 30 years – the last 16 as a coach. She was lucky enough to work under some talented coaches as a competitor and learnt many skills she still applies to her coaching today. Kate has worked with Duos, Graceful and Calisthenic Soloists in the Novice, Open Reserve and Open sections, taught pupil skills including medals as well as teams of Sub Juniors through to Seniors. Kate enjoys the creativity involved in calisthenics and the freedom it allows to express yourself as well as the many life long and strong friendships made along the way.  Whilst Kate enjoys the fancy items, she would happily watch March and Clubs items all day.

Kate was also lucky enough to travel to the USA as an Assistant Coach of the Elite Performance Team in 2016 and in currently a member of the CVI Teams Grading Committee.  Kate is very much looking forward to working with the Senior section again in 2019 and has some big ideas.

Seniors Assistant Coach
Jayde C

Jayde has done Calisthenics for the past 18 years both as a competitor and 8 of those as a Class Helper and in 2016 successfully completed her Level 1 qualification. Jayde has competed as a Senior in Champ Reserve at Berwick. Jayde’s coaching journey began at Sterling in 2017 as an Assistant Coach of the Inters Team.

Jayde is sad to have retired but she is looking forward to working with Kate, Amber and the Seniors in 2019 for what she is sure will be a wonderful year.

Seniors Assistant Coach
Amber S

Amber’s Calisthenics journey began in 1990 as a Sub-Junior. Finding a passion for dancing saw Amber also learn jazz/tap with Fenella-Anne and a year of dancing with Johnny Young Talent Time. Amber has competed in solos and completed levels up to Grade 4.
Assisting younger sections and even lessons at a special needs school for their sports curriculum, began at the age of 16. Holding on to the passion and dedication for calisthenics, Amber decided to become a Level 1 Coach which has seen her teach girls successfully through Grades, Solos, Gracefuls also with sections from Tinies through to Seniors.

This year Amber has also been given the opportunity to Assistant Coach the Seniors with Jayde and Kate. Amber is pumped to begin 2019 classes and see what the year will bring!!

Diamonds Head Coach
Carolyn G

Carolyn has been involved in Calisthenics since she was 3 years old and in 2017 celebrated her 50th year involvement in the sport! Over this time Carolyn has performed as high as Division 1 as well as teaching all sections from Tinies through to Masters, with her Sub-Juniors and Juniors competing at a Championship level.

Carolyn has coached many soloists over the years winning many awards and State Championships Titles. She considers her best achievement to be the winner of the Victorian 17 years and over Open Calisthenic Solo.

For many years Carolyn has coached skills from Test 1 to Grade 4 with many of her students receiving Honors and Honors with Distinction.

Carolyn retired from team coaching in 2008 but returned refreshed and full of excitement in 2015 to coach the Sterling Diamonds Masters team. After a sucessful few years with the Diamonds team, Carolyn is looking forward to another fun and exciting year with them in 2019.

Silvers Head Coach
Megan T

Megan has been a performer of Calisthenics for 10 years, competing with Boronia Calisthenics for Juniors and Intermediates. Megan joined Sterling in 2013 after learning they only had seven girls in the Seniors team to compete at Ballarat. Five classes later, Megan was able to join the team, and her passion for calisthenics was reignited. She has completed her levels up to Grade 4 and is always trying to improve her technique and stage presence. The following year started Megan’s Coaching career at Sterling, beginning with the Recreational Tinies. Megan then moved to assist the Intermediates and had a hand in helping them to become CVI State Champions in 2015.

Since then, Megan has been working with the Juniors, becoming a Qualified Level One Coach in 2016. 2019 will be Megan’s first year flying solo as a head coach, and she looks forward to the exciting year ahead with the Sterling Silvers.